X-wing Miniatures Game Aids
custom quick builds
Submit your list from YASB or LBN and create custom quick build cards with pilot and upgrades combined onto one card!
quick build squad builder
Build your squad based on the official quick builds, ready to print and play!
Browse and search the top-performing tournament lists, updated nightly! Find one you like and export to YASB or LBN or print and play!
card browser
Browse all of the cards with points and upgrade slots overlaid, including recently spoiled cards!
homebrew quick builds
Design your own pilot, add custom ship abilities, make your own upgrades, and print as a quick build! Includes Huge ship support.
quick build deck printer
Great for quick and casual play, print out the entire deck of quick builds for each faction. Shuffle and deal!
squad viewer
The most basic card printer: submit your XWS and print the official cards for play-at-home!
basic assessment of complexity (bac)
Submit your XWS and the algorithm will assess how complex your list is! Stay sharp!
summary cards
Submit your XWS and print a summary of your list on one card. Hand it to your opponent. So nice!