About Infinite Arenas

Infinite Arenas is a fan-made website started in 2018 when FFG released a video spoiling cards for X-wing 2.0. I started making screen caps of all the cards and shared them with the world in my first-ever online X-wing game aid, the X-wing Card Browser.

Prior to the release of 2.0, my friends and I started proxying the new 2.0 game and we were very happy with the new power balance and improvements. In my excitement, I started thinking of ways for us to proxy more easily as we awaited release. So I developed the Squad Viewer, making it easy to print out a list using the images I had captured from the pre-release stream.

Then after release, I saw FFG's promo "quick build" cards that had the pilot card in landscape orientation and one or two upgrades printed right on the card. I've always been a filthy casual, playing in my buddies' basements. So I knew I'd never get my hands on those nifty quick build cards without paying too much on eBay. So, I made my own! In weeks of feverish programming, I learned and wrote my first JavaScript programs. After many hours hacking away in my amateurish way, I started making beauties like this:


Now we were getting somewhere!

When 2.0 was released, I bought the conversion kits and my buddies and I got busy playing on the basement tables. We used Launch Bay Next to design our lists (I've never felt skilled enough to make a true list builder) and then would paste the XWS from LBN into Infinite Arenas' Custom Quick Builds tool. Printing directly from there, we never had to fuss with sorting, alphabetizing, or putting away the cards!

I have continued developing new tools for years now to help anyone play X-wing with less fuss and more fun. After a lot of encouragement from online users, friends, and family, I started a Patreon page to help offset the costs associated with hosting and updating Infinite Arenas. I have vowed that the site will always remain free for anyone to use and will never have a pay wall. But if you'd like to make a contribution to help keep the site hosted, get inside information on upcoming tools under development, or even to buy me a coffee, I would appreciate it!


Jim Bob (Reddit: u/J1mBub, Facebook: Jim Bob)