Card Style Pre-Sets

The global card style pre-set drop-down sets the card style for all of the cards displayed while you browse lists. Since most people will want to print all cards in a given list using a style where all the cards "match", there is no option to change the card styles for individual cards.

The card style pre-set drop-down presents you with multiple different styling options:


The following table provides samples of each of the available card style options:

Card Style Type Sample Image
Coruscant sample-coruscant.png
Mustafar sample-mustafar.png
Bespin sample-bespin.png
Hoth sample-hoth.png
Dagobah sample-dagobah.png
Mugatu sample-mugatu.png
Sullust sample-sullust.png
Kashyyyk sample-kashyyyk.png

A reward offered to long-term Patreon supporters is the option to design and name a card style. If you are interested in having your own card style, please support Infinite Arenas by clicking the "Become a patron" button below!