Filtering Tournaments

The tournament filtering drop-downs are located across the top of the Tournaments Box:


There are three ways to filter tournament results. First, you can filter the tournaments based upon the number of players who participated in the tournament:


Tournaments can be filtered for participation levels of 25 or more players, 50 or more players, 100 or more players, and 150 or more players.

Tournaments can also be filtered by format:


Formats include:

  • Any: No filtering by format applied.
  • Hyperspace: Only Hyperspace tournaments will be shown. Hyperspace format limits the cards available to a curated list that rotates by season. Please see your favorite squad builder or the FFG points lists for the up-to-date listing of Hyperspace-legal ships and upgrades.
  • Extended: Only Extended format tournaments will be shown. Extended format allows all released ships and upgrades to be used outside of certain Epic-specific ships and upgrades. As with the Hyperspace curating, the lists of Extended format eligible ships and upgrades are built into the popular squad builders.
  • Custom/Other: Only tournaments categorized as Custom/Other will be shown. This category tends to catch Aces High tournaments, Epic tournaments, or other unique formats that may implement special list restrictions for various reasons.

Finally, tournaments can be filtered by type:


Types cover the level of competition from Store Event to World Championship. These categories are likely to see changes as Organized Play shifts from FFG to AMG. Particularly due to Covid, the last year of data entered as of May 2021 includes community-driven Tabletop Simulator Tournaments, which are usually given the type Other.