About NetLister

This website is intended for personal use by players of X-Wing Miniatures. I own zero content.

NetLister enables you to browse X-wing tournament results in an attractive and visual way. NetLister uses the community-entered tournament information from ListFortress and updates its data nightly. Once you find a list you like, you can print it directly from your browser or you can export the list's XWS so that you can import it into your favorite list builder (like YASB 2.0). NetLister works best on a large screen.

If you're the type that likes to read the manual first, use the side-bar to browse subjects or you can search the help topics in the bar above. If you'd rather just dive right in, the most important buttons for browsing the lists are highlighted in grey on the main NetLister page.

Additional resources used by NetLister and Infinite Arenas include: