Points Box Pre-Sets

The global points box pre-set drop-down sets how points are displayed on the cards while you browse lists. Since the full "Points and Half-Points" display option takes up significant room on the card, sometimes you may find it is too large for some of your cards while fitting nicely on others. Because of this, options for overriding the points box setting is available on a per-card basis.

The points box pre-set drop-down presents you with three options:


The following table provides samples of each of the available card style options and a few notes on when you may want to use each:

Card Style Type Sample Image Notes
None sample-points-none.png No points box on the card "future-proofs" your card from points changes in the future.
Points Only sample-points-only.png Compact points option.
Points and Half-Points sample-points-and-half-points.png Tells you how many shields/hull will result in half-points awarded to your opponent. Avoids the need to do math!

In other areas of Infinite Arenas, there are options to use Threat Bars and Threat Points instead of the usual 200-point list options shown here.