Sorting Lists

The list sorting radio buttons are located across the top of the Players' Lists Box:


You may choose to sort the lists from the tournament by Cut or by Swiss ranking:

  • Cut: The cut is the final ranking of the player at completion of the elimination rounds of the tournament. Not all tournaments have cut games, but if they do then the player listed as #1 in cut is the player that won the tournament.
  • Swiss: The most common method for ranking the pool of participants in a tournament is to use the Swiss-system. This non-elimination tournament format produces arguably the best measure of the participants' relative abilities by pairing people with similar records against each other across a fixed number of rounds. Usually a larger tournament will base the "cut" on a set number of participants based upon the Swiss rankings. For example, a larger 100+ participant tournament may have around 8 rounds of Swiss play followed by a cut to top-16 for the following elimination rounds to determine final rankings.

The players' lists are first sorted according to your selection via the radio buttons, then sorted secondarily against the non-selected criteria. For example, if you select to sort by cut for a tournament with 30 participants that cut to top four, the first through fourth place by cut will be first followed by the rest of the field sorted by Swiss.