Featuring iconic Imperial pilots like Darth Vader and Soontir Fel along with minions like the disposable Academy Pilot, The Galactic Empire Starter Faction Deck gives you 78 Imperial pilots to help bring order to the galaxy!

Full Content List:

Alpha-class: Nu Squadron Pilot, Lieutenant Karsabi, Major Vynder

Lambda-class: Omicron Group Pilot, Lieutenant Sai, Captain Kagi

TIE Advanced v1: Baron of the Empire, Inquisitor, Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister, Grand Inquisitor

TIE Advanced x1: Storm Squadron Ace, Ved Foslo, Darth Vader

TIE/in Interceptors: Alpha Squadron Pilot, Alpha Squadron Pilot x2, Saber Squadron Ace , Nash Windrider, Lieutenant Lorrir, Commandant Goran, Gideon Hask, Turr Phennir, Ciena Ree, Soontir Fel

TIE Reapers: Scarif Base Pilot, Captain Feroph, Major Vermeil

TIE Defenders: Delta Squadron Pilots x 2, Onyx Squadron Aces x 2, Colonel Vessery, Countess Ryad, Rexler Brath, Darth Vader

TIE Aggressors: Onyx Squadron Scout, Lieutenant Kestal

TIE Punishers: Cutlass Squadron Pilot, "Deathrain"

TIE Fighters: Academy Pilots x 3, Obsidian Squadron Pilot, Black Squadron Aces x 2, "Wampa", "Night Beast", Valen Rudor, Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, Iden Versio, Seyn Marana, "Howlrunner"

TIE Phantoms: Imdaar Test Pilot, "Echo", "Whisper"

TIE Bombers: Scimitar Squadron Pilots x 2, Gamma Squadron Ace, "Deathfire", Major Rhymer, Tomax Bren

TIE Striker: Planetary Sentinels x 3, Black Squadron Scout, "Vagabond", "Countdown", "Pure Sabacc", "Duchess"

Decimators: Patrol Leaders x2, Captain Oicunn, Morna Kee, Rear Admiral Chiraneau

Heavies: Carida Academy Cadet, Onyx Squadron Sentry, Lyttan Dree

Double sided: Quick build rules / Bombs and Mines pt. 1

Double sided: Obstacles pt. 1 / Bombs and Mines pt. 2

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 78
Info Cards 2
Total Card Count 80

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Galactic Empire Starter Faction Deck

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