• 2.5 Conversion Pack

Containing pilots that saw errata with the release of 2.5, this set includes 3 updated Rebel cards, 14 updated Empire cards, and 6 updated Scum cards... a total of 23 cards!

These cards are watermarked with "2.5" and are designed to replace the errata'ed cards in your Rebel, Empire, Scum, and Epic quick build decks. Because they are replacements, this pack is not sold with a tuck box.

Full Contents List:

Commandant Goran (Skystrike Wing Leader)

Commandant Goran (regular quick build)

Scarif Base Pilot

Captain Feroph

Major Vermeil

Planetary Sentinel x2

Planetary Sentinel

Black Squadron Scout



"Pure Sabacc"


Captain Oicunn


Arvel Crynyd

Alexsandr Kallus

Palob Godalhi


Shadowport Hunter

Cartel Executioner

Dalan Oberos

Trandoshan Slaver

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 23

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2.5 Conversion Pack

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