• 2.5 Rules Pack With Tuckbox Pre-Order

Containing 11 tarot sized rules cards reissued with 2.5 updates, the Commando and Blaze Bomb rules cards, two cards summarizing the rules changes from 2.0 to 2.5, 4 new rules cards covering the 2.5 game overview and round phases breakdown, and a set of the four 2.5 scenario cards all in single-sided format... a total of 23 cards!

This 2.5 Rules Pack comes with a Rules-themed tuck box to increase your card storage in a beautiful way, matching your previous Infinite Arenas decks! The tuck box has an 80-card capacity, so there's plenty of room left for more rules cards.

All rules cards are updated to the v1.4.31 "2.5" rules release, effective 06/15/2022.

Pre-orders will be shipped in early December.

Full Content List:

Actions pt. 1

Actions pt. 2

Bombs and Mines pt. 1

Bombs and Mines pt. 2

Obstacles pt. 1

Obstacles pt. 2

Blazer Bomb and Blaze

Tokens pt. 1

Tokens pt. 2

Tokens pt. 3

Docking and Deploying


Commando Team

Round Phases pt. 1

Round Phases pt. 2

Round Phases pt. 3

Game Overview

2.5 Rules Changes pt. 1

2.5 Rules Changes pt. 2

Scenario: Assault at the Satellite Array

Scenario: Chance Engagement

Scenario: Salvage Mission

Scenario: Scramble the Transmissions