Containing the Razor Crest, Gauntlet, Pride of Mandalore, and Rogue-class Starfighter content for Rebels, Empire, and Scum, and the Commando and Blaze Bomb rules cards in single-sided format... a total of 31 cards!

This booster pack comes with a Scum-themed tuck box to increase your card storage in a beautiful way, matching your previous Infinite Arenas decks! The tuck box has an 80-card capacity, so there's plenty of room left for more pilot cards. Future booster packs will include tuck boxes with Rebel and Empire themes as the new releases come out.

Full Contents List:

Mandalorian Royal Guard x2

The Mandalorian (2 card build)

Guild Bounty Hunter (2 card build)

Q9-0 (2 card build)

Outer Rim Enforcer


Rook Kast (2 card build)

Shadow Collective Operator

Outer Rim Hunter

Nom Lumb

Viktor Hel

Cad Bane

Moff Gideon

ISB Jingoist

Gar Saxon

Captain Hark

Imperial Super Commando

Fenn Rau (Rebel Fang)

Clan Wren Volunteer

Bodica Venj

Dirk Ullodin

Ezra Bridger (Gauntlet)

Chopper (Gauntlet)

Mandalorian Resistance Pilot

Single-sided Rules Card: Blazer Bomb and Blaze

Single-sided Rules Card: Commando Team

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 29
Info Cards 2
Total Card Count 31

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Booster Pack #1 With Tuckbox

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