• First Order Starter Faction Deck Pre-Order

Featuring the proud but misled pilots of the First Order like Major Vonreg and Kylo Ren, The First Order Starter Faction Deck gives you 55 hatred-filled pilots to help you crush the resistance!

Pre-orders will be shipped in early December.

Full Content List:

TIE/ba Interceptors: First Order Provocateur, Ember, Holo, and Major Vonreg

TIE/fo Fighters: Epsilon Squadron Cadet , Zeta Squadron Pilot. Omega Squadron Ace, "Null", Lieutenant Rivas, "Muse", TN-3465, "Longshot", "Scorch", "Static", Commander Malarus, "Midnight"

TIE/sf Fighters: Zeta Squadron Survivor, Zeta Squadron Survivor, Omega Squadron Expert, "Backdraft", Captain Phasma , Lieutenant LeHuse, "Quickdraw"

TIE/vn Silencers: Sienar-Jaemus Engineer (x2),First Order Test Pilot (x2), "Rush", "Avenger", "Recoil", "Blackout" (x2), Kylo Ren

Upsilon-class shuttles: Starkiller Base Pilot, Petty Officer Thanisson, Lieutenant Dormitz, Lieutenant Tavson, Captain Cardinal, Major Stridan

Xi-class Light Shuttles: First Order Courier, Agent Terex, Gideon Hask, Commander Malarus

TIE/se Bombers: Sienar-Jaemus Test Pilot, First Order Cadet, "Grudge", "Dread", "Breach", "Scorch"

TIE/wi Whisper Modified Interceptors: Red Fury Zealot, 709th Legion Ace, Whirlwind, Nightfall, Kylo Ren, Wrath

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 55
Total Card Count 55

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First Order Starter Faction Deck Pre-Order

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