• Resistance Starter Faction Deck Pre-Order

Featuring the desperate pilots of the Resistance like Rey and Poe Dameron, The Resistance Starter Faction Deck gives you 69 heroic pilots to help you save the galaxy from eternal oppression!

Pre-orders will be shipped in early December.

Full Content List:

MG-100 StarFortresses: Cobalt Squadron Bombers (x2), Cat, Vennie, Ben Teene, Edon Kappehl, Finch Dallow, Paige Tico

Scavenged YT-1300: Resistance Sympathizer, Chewbacca, Rey, Han Solo

RZ-2 A-wings: Blue Squadron Recruit (x3), Green Squadron Expert (x2), Merl Cobben, Ronith Blario, Suralinda Javos, Zari Bangel, Greer Sonnel (x2), Wrobie Tyce, L'ulo L'ampar, Seftin Vanik, Tallissan Lintra, Zizi Tlo

T-70 X-wings: Blue Squadron Rookie (x2), Red Squadron Expert (x2), Black Squadron Ace (x2), Jaycris Tubbs, Lieutenant Bastian, Nimi Chireen, Jessika Paval, Joph Seastriker, C'ai Threnalli, Kare Kun, Temmin Wexley (x2), Ello Asty, Nien Nunb, Poe Dameron (Flyboy), Poe Dameron (Commander)

Resistance Transport: Logistics Division Pilot, Nodin Chavdri, Pammich Nerro Goode, Cova Nell

Resistance Transport Pod: Vi Moradi, Finn, BB-8, Rose Tico

Fireball: Colossus Station Mechanic, R1-J5, Kazuda Xiono, Jarek Yeager

BTA-NR2 Y-Wings: Kijimi Spice Runner, New Republic Patrol, Corus Kapellim, Aftab Ackbar, C'ai Threnalli, Shasa Zaro, Lega Fossang, Teza Nasz, Wilsa Teshlo, Zorii Bliss

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 69
Total Card Count 69

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Resistance Starter Faction Deck Pre-Order

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