• 2.5 Rules Pack With Tuckbox

Containing 11 tarot sized rules cards reissued with 2.5 updates, the Commando and Blaze Bomb rules cards, two cards summarizing the rules changes from 2.0 to 2.5, 4 new rules cards covering the 2.5 game overview and round phases breakdown, and a set of the four 2.5 scenario cards all in single-sided format... a total of 23 cards!

This 2.5 Rules Pack comes with a Rules-themed tuck box to increase your card storage in a beautiful way, matching your previous Infinite Arenas decks! The tuck box has an 80-card capacity, so there's plenty of room left for more rules cards.

All rules cards are updated to the v1.4.31 "2.5" rules release, effective 06/15/2022.

Full Content List:

Actions pt. 1

Actions pt. 2

Bombs and Mines pt. 1

Bombs and Mines pt. 2

Obstacles pt. 1

Obstacles pt. 2

Blazer Bomb and Blaze

Tokens pt. 1

Tokens pt. 2

Tokens pt. 3

Docking and Deploying


Commando Team

Round Phases pt. 1

Round Phases pt. 2

Round Phases pt. 3

Game Overview

2.5 Rules Changes pt. 1

2.5 Rules Changes pt. 2

Scenario: Assault at the Satellite Array

Scenario: Chance Engagement

Scenario: Salvage Mission

Scenario: Scramble the Transmissions

Deck Specs
Info Cards 22

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2.5 Rules Pack With Tuckbox

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