• Iden Versio Pilot Art Standard Loadout Pack of 10

This pack of 10 cards is ideal for your next FLGS store tournament! This first pilot art card from Infinite Arenas features Iden Versio with the very popular Ion Cannon and Elusive upgrades. The card features BEAUTIFUL artwork created by Stephanie Keeline and commissioned exclusively for this card.

If you are looking for a higher number of cards for your tourney or event, contact JimBob at Infinite Arenas dot com for pricing or sponsorship arrangements.

This loadout is a fully 2.5 legal build as of January of 2023. Use of this card in tournament settings is at the discretion of the tournament organizer. This card can also be used in less formal settings under 2.5 or 2.0 rules:

  • 2.5 squad point cost: 3 squad points, 8 loadout
  • Unofficial 2.0 squad point cost: 50 points (Iden doesn't have a cannon slot in "official" 2.0)
  • Casual play threat level: 2 threat

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Iden Versio Pilot Art Standard Loadout Pack of 10

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