Order the three original faction decks and the booster pack to get quick builds for EVERY ship in these factions!

This combo deal includes 263 cards across the Rebel, Imperial, and Scum factions and 8 rules cards to help you remember rules such as Blazer Bomb, Commandos, and Tractoring. 

With the content from the faction decks and booster pack included in this combo, you will have cards across every ship in the factions, from the original X-wing to the most recent Rogue-class and Gauntlet. 

These decks were originally developed before the release of 2.5. If you’re interested in the official changes from 2.5 like the adjustments to Rebel Leia and the tweaks to the Striker and Reaper ailerons, add the Conversion Pack to your order. It includes all of the updated cards for 2.5!

Also want the updated 2.5 rules cards? Grab the 2.5 Rules Pack. 

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 263
Info Cards 8
Total Card Count 271

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Original Factions Pack

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