If you're an X-wing collector who never quite gets the game to the table, this bundle is for you! Play X-wing in a super-easy and casual way by dealing out a few cards and playing! No squad building, no apps, and much less prep. If you have a closet full of some Rebel, Empire, and Scum ships that need to see the table, grab this bundle and host some fun tabletop action this Christmas.

The bundle includes the 80-card Rebel, Empire, and Scum quick build decks, the 31-card Booster Deck with the new Gauntlet, Razorcrest, and Rogue-class ships, and the matching faction maneuver cards to help the most casual players play X-wing better! that's 271 tarot-sized cards for shuffle-and-deal ease of play and three 8"x10" maneuver cards to help make the game more approachable for new players.

Products included in this combo:

Original factions maneuver card pack (MC2)

Galactic Empire Starter Deck (FD1)

Rebel Alliance Starter Deck (FD2)

Scum and Villainy Starter Deck (FD3)

Booster Pack #1 With Tuckbox (BP1T)

Deck Specs
Pilot Cards 570
Info Cards 35
Total Card Count 605

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Original Factions Christmas Bundle

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