These beautifully designed cards are the perfect game aid to help you fly better! This pack contains three 8"x10" double-sided cards featuring the three original factions of the game: Empire, Rebels, and Scum. Each card reveals the available maneuvers for every ship type in the game for that faction. Use this card while you're planning your own dial so that you know every maneuver your opponent has to choose from.

Each card is adorned with background art that stands on its own as beautiful yet subtle decoration while not overwhelming the foreground text of the maneuvers. The artwork matches the color scheme and artwork of the faction decks available separately in the Infinite Arenas card store, but these maneuver cards are extremely useful even in standard play.

8" x 10" Cards

1x Imperial/Rebel card

1x Imperial/Scum card

1x Rebel/Scum card

Deck Specs
Total Card Count 5

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Maneuver Cards for Original Trilogy Factions

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