Dice Modification

Players can modify dice by spending various tokens and by resolving abilities. Dice can be modified in the following ways:

  • Add: To add a die result, place an unused die displaying the result next to the rolled dice. A die added in this way is treated as a normal die for all purposes and can be modified and canceled.
  • Change: To change a die result, rotate the die so that its faceup side displays the new result.
  • Reroll: To reroll a die result, pick up the die and roll it again.
  • Spend: To spend a result, remove the die from the dice pool.


  • Dice modification occurs during the respective Modify Attack Dice or Modify Defense Dice step, unless otherwise stated.
  • Although dice can be modified by multiple effects, each die cannot be rerolled more than once.
  • If an ability instructs a ship to spend a result, it cannot spend another ship's results unless stated otherwise.
  • Canceling dice is not a dice modification.
  • Rolling additional dice or fewer dice is not a dice modification.