While a ship executes a maneuver or otherwise moves, it OVERLAPS an object if the ship's final position would physically be on top of an object.

A ship FULLY executes a maneuver if it does not overlap a ship. If a ship executes a maneuver and overlaps a ship, it must PARTIALLY execute that maneuver by performing the following steps:

  1. Move the ship backward along the template until it is no longer on top of any other ships. While doing so, adjust the position of the ship so that the hashmarks in the middle of both sets of guides remains centered over the line down the middle of the template.
  2. Once the ship is no longer on top of any other ship, place it so that it is touching the last ship it backed over. This may result in the ship returning to its starting position.
  3. The ship skips its Perform Action step.
  • Even though a ship that partially executes a maneuver must skip its Perform Action step, it can still perform actions granted from other game effects.
  • Even if a ship partially executes a maneuver, it is still treated as having executed a maneuver of the indicated speed, bearing, and difficulty.