Squad Building

Each player builds a squad by choosing ships and upgrades whose total squad point cost does not exceed the total defined by the game mode. The recommended squad point total for a standard dogfight is 200 points.

A player can build a squad using ship and upgrade cards with some restrictions:

  • Each ship has an upgrade bar which is a list of upgrade icons that limit the number of upgrades and types of upgrades that the ship can equip. The X-Wing Squad Builder will enforce these rules. Additionally, a list of all ships' upgrade bars is also available at X-Wing.com.
  • Nearly all game modes limit ships to a specific faction to choose from. All ship cards must be from a single faction. Some upgrade cards have faction restrictions listed in their restriction field.
  • Some upgrade cards have ship-size restrictions. Only ships of the given size can equip them.
  • Some upgrade cards have ship-type restrictions. Only ships of that type can equip them.
  • A squad's cards are restricted by the rules of limited cards.
  • A ship cannot equip more than one copy of an upgrade card with the same name.