Remotes are devices that have initiative, agility, and hull values, and can be attacked. Ships can move through, overlap, or be at range 0 of remotes.

Attacking Remotes

A remote can be declared as the defender. While attacking a remote, treat it as a ship, with the following exceptions and notes:

  • Effects that refer to "friendly ships" do not apply to a remote.
  • Effects that refer to "enemy ships" only apply to a remote if the attacker is the source of the effect.
  • If a remote does not have a midway line, a ship cannot be in front of, behind, or flanking a remote.
  • If a remote does not have any arcs, a ship cannot be in or outside of any of that remote's arcs.
  • An attack made against a remote can be obstructed and range bonuses are applied to it as normal.

Damaging Remotes

If a remote suffers 1 or more / damage, deal 1 facedown damage card to it. If it has a number of damage cards greater than or equal to its hull value, it is destroyed. After a remote is destroyed, remove it from the play area. If the attack occurred at the same initiative as the remote’s initiative, it is removed after all effects at that initiative are resolved, per Simultaneous Fire.

Using Remotes

A remote activates during the Activation Phase and engages during the Engagement Phase at its listed initiative value, but only behaves as listed in its entry. Additionally, the following apply to remotes:

  • A remote cannot perform actions or be assigned tokens except for locks.
  • A remote cannot be Relocated.
  • Some devices cause damage to remotes, as described in their individual entries. If a devices does not state that it affects remotes, it does not affect remotes.