Damage represents the amount of structural damage a ship can take. Damage is tracked by damage cards. A ship is destroyed when the number of damage cards it has is equal to or greater than its hull value.

There are two types of damage: (regular) damage and (critical) damage. When a ship suffers damage, that damage is suffered one at a time. For each damage a ship suffers, it loses a shield by flipping the shield to its inactive side. If it does not have an active shield remaining, it is dealt a damage card instead. For damage, the card is dealt facedown; for damage, the card is dealt faceup and its text is resolved. All damage is suffered before damage.

A ship is DAMAGED while it has at least one damage card. A ship is CRITICALLY DAMAGED while it has at least one faceup damage card.

  • If an effect instructs a player to deal a damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage. The card is dealt to the ship regardless of whether the ship has any active shields.
  • When a ship suffers damage or otherwise is dealt damage cards that would cause it to exceed its hull value, the excess damage cards are still dealt.