Special Weapon

Special weapons appear as "ATTACK:" headers in card text. They provide additional types of attacks other than a ship's primary weapon(s).

Special weapons have a combination of arc requirements, range requirements, attack value, and possibly other requirements. The ARC ICON indicates where the target needs to be in order to use this attack. The RANGE REQUIREMENT indicates the span of legal attack ranges. The red ATTACK VALUE is used to determine the number of attack dice to roll during the Roll Attack Dice step. For cards with special requirements, all of those requirements must be met in order to perform that attack.

  • Some special weapons have a small ORDNANCE ICON on them to indicate that range bonuses are not applied with attacks using those weapons.
  • Arc restrictions appear as arc icons listed to the left of the attack value. The arc restriction requires that the defender be in that arc of the attacker.
  • Range requirements are white numbers that appear as a range of numbers listed below the attack value and arc restriction.
  • Some attacks also have special requirements listed in parentheses after the header.
    • The "Attack ():" header indicates that the attacker must have a lock on the defender.
    • The "Attack ():" header indicates that the attacker must have a focus token.
  • Since special weapons are not primary weapons, they do not benefit from abilities that trigger while performing a primary attack.
  • Any type of upgrade card attack (such as a attack) is a special attack.