List Information

The list information is metadata available from ListFortress. For each tournament, entry of this data is dependent upon the community individuals who took the time to upload the information for us all to enjoy. Thus there may be inconsistencies or inaccuracies contained in this metadata. This list metadata is updated as the players' lists are chosen via the Player drop-down or as you browse the lists using the up/down arrows.


The list information includes:

  • Name: The name given to the list by the player. This is frequently left empty by many players.
  • Faction: The faction that the list belongs to.
  • Points: The point cost of the list. Note that this is the point cost of the list at the time of the tournament. If the point cost has changed since the time of the tournament, the current point cost will be listed in red next to the cost at the time of the tournament:
  • list-information-point-change.png
  • Cut: The final ranking of the list during the elimination rounds of the tournament, if this list made cut. See Sorting Lists for more information.
  • Swiss Rank: The Swiss ranking of this list during the non-elimination Swiss rounds of the tournament. See Sorting Lists for more information.
  • Score: The score of this list during Swiss rounds. The player receives 1 point for each win and 0 points for each loss during the Swiss rounds.
  • MoV: The margin of victory that this player accumulated during all of their matches in the tournament. The margin of victory is calculated as follows: start by subtracting the number of points destroyed by the loser from the number of points destroyed by the winner. The winner then adds this number to 200 to calculate the winner's MoV while the loser subtracts this number from 200 to calculate the loser's MoV. MoV is used as the first tiebreaker after their Score.
  • SoS: The strength of schedule that this player played against during the tournament. When a player plays against multiple opponents who performed well in the tournament, they will have a higher SoS. The SoS is calculated y dividing each opponent’s total tournament points by the number of rounds that opponent has played, adding the results of each opponent played, and then dividing that total by the number of opponents the player has played. SoS is used as the second tiebreaker after Score and MoV.

Additional explanation for Cut, Swiss Rank, Score, MoV, and SoS can be found in the FFG X-wing Tournament Regulations.