Print Settings


These settings help you add information to the page when printing and pack more card images onto a single sheet of paper to minimize how much paper is consumed when printing the list.

Include squad info on printout

The squad info includes useful information like the name of the squad (when available), the player that flew the squad, the name of the tournament in which the squad flew, the date of the tournament, and how well the player did in both the top cut and in Swiss. Here is a sample:


When you go to print a list, the squad info will be centered on the page:


The sizing of the squad info box is intended to fit at the top of an 8.5in x 11in page and allow three full-art cards to fit on the page with it when you reduce your page margins to zero and use scaling of 100% (built-in padding around all images should still enable the cards to fit onto the page).

NetLister also verifies whether the point cost of the list matches the point cost according to current pricing. Since NetLister includes historical data going back years, many of the older lists are no longer 200-point match legal. When the point cost of a list has changed from when the tournament was played, NetLister will display the current point cost of the list in red to the right of the cost at the time of the tournament:


Print Mode

You can toggle Print Mode on and off in order to make the lists easier to browse. When print mode is on, the individual card settings are hidden and cards are shown in a compact manner. This makes it easy to flip through multiple lists while keeping them on-screen:


But when Print Mode is on, the individual card settings are hidden. If you wish to change any individual card settings, you will need to toggle off Print Mode to access those settings!

Toggling off Print mode displays the individual card settings, but the webpage will be much longer and require scrolling to see the entire list: