Update Points Button

NetLister includes years of tournament results. Many of them will have point costs that are obsolete due to new points releases. When NetLister is displaying a list where the points have changed, it will add the updated points cost in red after the points cost at the time the list was played. The cards will be displayed with points on the cards that match the cost at the time the list was played.


Also, when a list with obsolete points is displayed, a button will show up allowing you to update the points for the list:


If you press this button, the point costs ON THE CARDS will be updated to their current pricing. Thus if you print the list, it will not print out with inaccurate points.


Note that despite this points check, NetLister does not check other criteria for validity. For example, the list may have invalid upgrade slots or may be listed as a Hyperspace valid list whereas the updated Hyperspace valid ship and upgrade list may no longer match that which was current at the time of the tournament.